AFL: The Inaugural From The Sideline All-Australian Team

Every once in a while, there comes an accolade so prestigious that receiving it immediately provides a boost to the recipient’s ego and public standing.

Here at From The Sideline, we figured that it wasn’t enough to simply accept the wider football media’s proffered teams. We figured that if you want to reach the lofty heights of not only elite AFL footballer, but elite human being, you have to make our All-Australian team. So we put the word out to our writers, every single one of them. Give us your AA team, and together we can create an Avengers-like superteam, a coming-together of football’s best-of-the-best.

What follows is the result of heated debate, a number of incidents involving bribery, and insane amounts of bias.

At the end of it all, 22 magnificent warriors emerge from the cauldron-like atmosphere of the From The Sideline office, proudly (we assume) wearing their nominations for the FTS All-Australian team front-and-centre on their chests. An almagamation of outstanding individuals, brought together for one purpose – to let me write this article.

Without further ado, without added pomp or primping, may we at From The Sideline News present to you, our loyal readers, whom we love very much: The Official FTS All-Australian team for 2012!

FB: Darren Glass (West Coast) – Ted Richards (Sydney) – Beau Waters (West Coast)
HB: Brett Deledio (Richmond) – Luke McPharlin (Fremantle) – Grant Birchall (Hawthorn)
C: Trent Cotchin (Richmond) – Jobe Watson (Essendon) – Dane Swan (Collingwood)
HF: Dayne Beams (Collingwood) – Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle) – Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide)
FF: Stephen Milne (St. Kilda) – Tom Hawkins (Geelong) – Lance Franklin (Hawthorn)
R: Dean Cox (West Coast) – Josh. P. Kennedy (Sydney) – Gary Ablett (Gold Coast)

INT: Sam Jacobs (Adelaide) – Scott Thompson (Adelaide) – Jack Riewoldt (Richmond) – Kieran Jack (Sydney)
Jordan Witte is a first-year Sports Journalism student at LaTrobe University. You can follow his inane ramblings on Twitter @wittsjw

6 thoughts on “AFL: The Inaugural From The Sideline All-Australian Team

  1. Richmond (3) have more players than – Hawthorn (2), Collingwood (2), Geelong (1), Fremantle (2) and North Melbourne (0), a team that missed the top 8, were 2-7 against teams from the top 8, drew with port adelaide and lost to gold coast…

  2. When you look at it that way it seems a bit odd, but the Coleman medallist, the Richmond B&F winner, and another star in Deledio did have amazing years. You must remember Richmond’s ‘unlucky’ run toward the back end of the season… very easily could have played finals.

  3. Very easily, but didnt. Could say that about all teams 9th-13th. I’m a Geelong fan, but how you could have Riewoldt and Deledio over Petrie (watch Richmond v North Melbourne round 17 and tell me he wasn’t the difference) and Swallow (62 more clearances, 58 more tackles – leading afl) confuses me. The difference is that North doesn’t get same press as Richmond. I’d have Brent Riley, Corey Enright, Sean Dempster all well ahead Deledio for the half-back postion. I like the rest of the team though, love the Kieran Jack pick, super underrated.

  4. Drew Petrie kicked only 8 goals against top 8 sides all year, his figures were rather inflated. Swallow was thrown around by some of the boys, however in the end, we all couldn’t get our picks in. The players with the most amount of nominations won, and I do know that Swallow was in a couple of the squads. We stick by Reiwoldt though!
    Always going to be conjecture thrown around with AA squads, my personal one is a little different, but you can’t win them all!

  5. I love the forward line you picked there, exactly the same as I picked mine. Totally agree that Pavlich should be CHF while Buddy only deserves forward pocket. Sam Jacobs also very deserving of a spot, but I’m not too sure on Jack Riewoldt being in there when there is already 3 talls in the forward line. He was the Coleman Medalist but didn’t have a consistent enough year and doesn’t deserve AA selection this year IMO.

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